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Exhibitions and promotional events of the company Promotion Centre “Ukrainian Podium” this is the wave that will help you to reach the top!
Main projects of the company since 2000 are: Alltex (former Fabrics.Threads. Accessories), Handmade-Expo (former Embroidery), Eco-Expo.
“Ukrainian Podium” is the organizer of exhibitions in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities, conferences, shows, social events, the organizer of the collective participation of Ukrainian companies in European exhibitions.

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About us

Promotion-Center “Ukrainian Podium” — company with fourteen years experience.
We organize thematic fairs and exhibitions of international scope in Ukraine and abroad.

years of organizing the exhibitions

successful events



94% of visitors confirm the efficiency of our exhibitions. Results: The new partners, advantageous purchases, familiarity with new products.


68% of the regular exhibitors and partners – the majority of customers participating regularly and 95% involved more than three times.


16 years experience of conducting exhibitions, shows, fairs, exhibitions, conferences and social projects in Ukraine and abroad.


Market leaders, representatives of small and medium business are members and guests of our exhibitions, representing all regions of Ukraine, CIS and other countries.


The company’s staff — professional organizers and marketers who are keeping an eye on the market, use a really effective advertising.


Individual work with each client provides effective and easy collaboration – it is cozy with us, comfortable and profitable.

Partners and reviews

After each of our exhibitions, we monitor the results and ask our clients to write about the effectiveness of the exhibition.
This allows us to find and correct our shortcomings and develop in the right direction.


To contact us


Ukraine, 02055 Kyiv, 5-А Petra Grygorenko ave., office 3


+38 (044) 228-38-63, +38 067 509-06-78 


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Monday — Friday 9:00 — 18:00

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